Caddo Mills Doula Services

Joyful Journeys Doula Service Provides Doula Services in Caddo Mills Texas, and Surrounding Communities in Northeast Texas.

Joyful Journeys Doula Service Provides Doula Services in Caddo Mills Texas, and Surrounding Communities in Northeast Texas.

My name is Abby, and I have been a certified Doula since 2020. With the birth of my first child, I wished I had encouragement and knowledge to draw on – the kind of support I want to provide you! A desire for that kind of care inspired me to create Joyful Journeys Doula Services so that I can serve the women in my community around Caddo Mills and Northeast Texas. If you would like that kind of encouragement then Get Started.

Joyful Journeys Doula Service is knowledgeable in the Process of Birth.

As a certified Birth Doula, it’s my privilege to share my training and experience with women and families around Caddo Mills and Northeast Texas. I am equipped to aid mothers who give birth with a partner, alone, or even via surrogacy. I believe in supporting mothers in most birthing styles and in the venue they find works best for them. Aside from physical support during labor, my role is also to act as an advocate for the birthing woman and her family and to guide your non-medical self-care. I approach life and birth from a holistic point of view. I encourage you to read through the information on this website. If at any point you wish to contact me and speak with me directly, I welcome your call!

Joyful Journeys Doula Service did schooling with a reputable certification program.

Abby is a trained and certified Doula serving in Caddo Mills and the Northeast Texas area through Joyful Journeys Doula Services. I offer several different sample packages for you to get a general idea about pricing. Contact me today so I can provide an accurate estimate for your specific needs.

Joyful Journeys Doula Service isn’t just a cute trendy name.

The name Joyful Journeys is more than a sweet description of my Doula services. It also speaks to the pathways I’ve walked in choosing this profession. Not only have I given birth by the natural method using the services of a midwife, but I’ve also served as a surrogate to bring a long-awaited baby to the arms and home of waiting parents. This gives me an experienced, well-rounded view of the many needs of birthing moms so that I can help mamas all around Caddo Mills and Northeast Texas.

My Packages are:

The Rose package: Ideal for First Time Moms or moms who need additional support throughout their pregnancy and delivery.

The Carnation package: For seasoned mamas or mamas who might be on a budget!

The Last Minute Lily Package: For mamas who decided they want a Doula last-minute. It’s never too late to hire a Doula!

I also have some Add-on Options if you would like to take a look at them!